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CFDs are leveraged products that involve a high level of risk. You may lose all of your investment


Autochartist now brings the world’s first market scanner directly to your platform, saving valuable time by allowing traders to watch all symbols and all time periods from a single chart. By continuously scanning markets, Autochartist automatically recognises trade set-ups based on support and resistance levels. It sends signals to traders, once an opportunity has been identified.

 Autochartist Features

  • Automated technical analysis – analyses chart patterns, price forecasts, support and resistance levels and more;
  • Probability filters – filters significant market events and checks past performance and patterns;
  • Volatility analysis – identifies when the market is most volatile and helps you set appropriate exit levels;
  • Daily market reports – Autochartist sends you important daily updates and changes in the markets;
  • And more!

How do traders use it?

Autochartist can help traders obtain a bigger picture of all the data collected so it could also be used when developing a trading strategy.